National Week of Dance - Lytham Festival

The UK's Premier Square and Round Dance Event

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In the entrance to the dancing there is a book "comments and suggestions" for anyone to write in, below is a copy of the entries and the responses from the organisers during the event in 2013. Comment Book from 2012   Comment Book from 2011  

1.Some (French) dancers would be very interested for 2014 in the possibility of a C1 course (ie. More than Intro), say in the morning, other levels plus or C or vici versa.   Jo Frehel Leaping Frogs and Julian & Penny Rainbow Squares.

Some inspired A workshops, exc. C1 intro, more please. Thanks to all involved. Anon

1.A full C programme of C level Teach has been included in 2014, called voluntarily by Richard Tinson, on Friday Aug 7th 11 hours, and Sat 8th 7.5 hours. It is hoped that many UK dancers will join the French party at these teach sessions. It is free to all, with perhaps a small donation made as a collection of appreciation for RT. See prov prog .

2. Really enjoyable intro to Rounds, more please. DW.

Great intro to slow two step. Anon.

Skyfall was fantastic , thanks . Anon.

Second Intro to two step was excellent, lots covered and really good fun. Thanks for the hard work Paul. Anon.

We think that all the Two step intros went very well tonight, and we had lots of help, thank you. Kath & Paddy Tilehurst SDC.

Really enjoyed all the Round dancing, excellent workshops. Unreadable signature.

We are delighted you enjoyed the Intro to Rounds, cued by Paul Hart, and Dance teach by Teresa, and further Introís will be included in 2014.

3. Thanks for a warm welcome, we had a lot of fun. Hope we see you again on the dance floor. Natalie & Arnold from Germany.

4. Itís a shame more round dancers didnít support the showcase.PO.

Great showcase, more of them please. Anon.

4. All dancers have the freedom of choice to which sessions they support. Pauline and I as Round dancers felt that we had so much opportunity to dance Rounds, we did not want any more sessions of dancing.

5. Looking forward to next year, come on helpers. Good news. Jane

A great event and a loss to square and round dancing if it doesnít continue. Anon

Pleased that the event is to continue, best wishes, to the new team. Perhaps U3A sq. dancers could be invited, to bring a low level of dancing. Bob Jowett, Jorvik Traders.

Good news, looking forward to repeat actions next year. Anon

5. 2014 was initially called off due to lack of numbers supporting 2013, and therefore insufficient income to support the cost. PG has decided to continue with the event on in a different format, ie, using the Main Hall only (to reduce costs) and to reduce the number of callers (to reduce the cost). All details of the new format can be found on the website. Regarding the comment re. U3A there will be insufficient space in the new format for any additional levels

6. Had a wonderful time, thanks for all your hard work. Ann J.

Big thank you to everyone involved with the week of dance , extra thanks to Paul and Teresa, who always give us such interesting, challenging and fun dances to learn. Your planning is top class, and we have learnt so much this week, with lots of laughs. Look forward to next years rounds. W & R.

Excellent workshops, Thank you. Anon.

The best thank you we can think of is to book again. We had a lovely week , thanks to all the unsung heroes who minister to all our non-dancing needs. Liz and Geoff

We thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions. The callers and cuers gave us a really good time. Anon

A great week. Well done everybody , glad its on for next year. Ann & Tony Metcalf.

Many thanks to Peter, Mike and all the team for the hard work and worry in organising such an enjoyable event.

Thanks goes to Pauline and her helpers for all the hall deco. Great job.

6. Thank you, these sort of comments make it all worthwhile.

7. We are pleased year 22 at Lytham is going to take place. BUT PLEASE on behalf of the ladies who use the school showers, could I request the use of some better ones. I am told the gents showers upstairs are much better so why cant the ladies use the ladies showers upstairs. SEF.

7. This complaint should have been brought to my attention earlier. As soon as I read this comment, action was taken, and the ladies showers upstairs were used. (Incidentally, they were available all week, but not signed).

8. Richard Tinson and Paul Mee have had really good C sessions, will really miss Jim, Paul and Neil next year, they have done a superb job of workshops & evening dances. Norman.

8. We are delighted to hear comments re RT and PM, their support was invaluable and the organisers are very grateful to them, especially as they did their sessions voluntarily.

9. Over the years the dancers have enjoyed first class calling and cueing. They will only come to a week-long event if the high standard of calling and cueing is preserved. Anon.

Big thank you to Paul, Neil and James. If callers of the same calibre are found and sufficient dancing variety offered, I will be here next year, Ann Aeron Valley Diamonds,

9. Unfortunately your comment is not borne out by the numbers supporting this event over the last few years. It is our intention to bring to 2014 the best callers and cuers possible, as we intend to maintain the high standards we have always had in the past.

10. Towards budgetary compromise, has it been considered the use of the dance studio for the one and two set sized levels.

10. The school are very reluctant to allow any use of this room, due to concerns over damage to the floor. The cost of this room is also prohibitive, and as we no longer get support from the Mainstream levels and now also the Plus level, it is not financially viable to offer to allocate space and callers to these levels.

11. Fantastic week again. Please consider having James, Paul and Neil again, also consider letting some of the people who offered help have a go. SA.

11. This event cannot now afford the three callers we have enjoyed in the past . Re. the comment related to the people who have offered help, I am not aware of any volunteers, and would ask anybody interested in helping, to contact me immediately on 07850 326333or email petgur43 at

12. Hello, Impossible to think one year without this special. You have the best team of 3 different callers. I couldnít progress without them being so kind. You have a staff who take care of us, nothing wrong to write even if I am French, see you next year. If you need somebody who speaks French. Funny holidays is the second name of this special where everybody try to make you enjoy yourself. Louis and Kris.

13. Evening rounds are not a suitable level for square dancers who want to do the occasional round. Dorothy Chapman.

13. I have raised this point with Teresa. Next year will be different as we are having two open rounds sessions, when the newly taught dances can be performed. During the main evening dances, Teresa has agreed her tips will be Phase 2-4, therefore a level which all round dancers can do.

14. I was asked to allow time in the 2014 programme, for B&B and hotel dancers to get back to have an evening meal at 6pm. Colin and Gill Rogers.

14. This has been done in the new programme.

Comment from the organisers. Mike and myself are very grateful for all the regulars who have supported us over the 6 years we have organised this event, but we realise we are not attracting new dancers. We are continuing with 2014, with a new event, new dance hall, and new caller. We need your support, and we need your encouragement to attract new, or lapsed, dancers to come and support us. As some of the comments above suggest, the event is for square and round dancers, and we desperately need their support.

Peter Gurney


Comment Book from 2011   Comment Book from 2012  

Event operated under the aegis of Soles and Heels SDC, Northampton

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