National Week of Dance - Lytham Festival

The UK's Premier Square and Round Dance Event

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In the entrance to the dancing there is a book "comments and suggestions" for anyone to write in, below is a copy of the entries and the responses from the organisers during the event in 2014. Comment Book from 2013   Comment Book from 2012   Comment Book from 2011  

C1 teach with Richard: This is just perfect, all the definitions clearly and calmly explained and practised. Just what I needed. Penny.
Thanks Penny

C1 Teach – We know what a challenge it is to try to teach the whole C1 programme in only two days. Thank you Richard to have accepted to do that horrible job for you. Monique
Thanks Monique

C1 Teach – Thanks to the organisers for organising it and thanks to Richard for his marathon 2 day teaching programme. It has been great for us “debutantes”. Jo
Thanks Jo

I like it and I want to come again. Please continue…! Ines, Germany.
Thanks Ines, we will be pleased to welcome you next year.

Keep it going! Jane M.
Thanks Jane

Very nice “A” sessions with Bronc!!! Hans-Jurgen & Kristina.
Thanks Hans and Kristina

Excellent C1 Intro Teach. Great fill-in by Di & Terry. Bronc Wise making every day enjoyable.
Thanks anon.

Excellent – I have thoroughly enjoyed the C1 Intro, Di & Terry calling and Bronc Wise calling.
Thanks anon.

Great night – a whole evening of Rounds.
Thanks, there will be more of these next year.

For next year, if organisers are found, I think you need to have a more varied programme (maybe Plus, A1/A2 & C) to encourage more dancers to come. Jo
Agreed! JSM
Thanks again Jo and JSM. 2014 was the first running of the new look Lytham, and the organisers are now aware of changes necessary to improve next year, which you will discover when you see the programme for 2015. Hopefully you will be pleased

Thanks anon.

As a relative novice to Rounds I loved the Waltz Workshop and evening dance. Teresa and Paul were kind, understanding, sympathetic and amusing – a great duet! Thanks!! Susan
Thanks Susan

LOVELY Round Dance evening, thanks!
Thanks anon

7.45 or 8 o’clock EVENING DANCING. AS
I assume this comment is related to the 7.30pm start time. See below

Super week – keep it going. Jane Murphy
Thanks Jane

I suggest that the camping field is arranged differently for next year. All vans to face west (towards the sea). This will be better for the prevailing wind and awnings will be on the leeward side. If this is not possible, another suggestion is that individuals can choose which way to face. There is plenty of space for this. Glad to learn that Lytham is going to continue for year 23! Hear, hear!! Sue and Eddie
Thanks Sue and Eddie. We have tried caravans facing the sea before, and we had similar problems to this year. I think your alternative spoken suggestion of all vans at a 45 degree angle may be helpful, and we will discuss it further. We feel it is important to keep a uniform pattern, as it meets Health and Safety requirements, and it looks better.

Is it possible to begin the evening dances a little later – say 7.45/8pm please? Carol Sutcliffe
Thanks Carol, Sorry it’s my fault, I thought we started at 07.30pm. We will change it to 08.00pm, and woe betide anyone who turns up late!

Surely 3 hours break is enough?

Please can flyers be sent to all likely European clubs well in advance? Jane
Flyers for 2015 are already on the international page of the EAASDC website at .
If you have email addresses of clubs, please send them to me.

Was brilliant – well done! J*

It might encourage Plus attendance if there is an “A” Intro. David Dewar
Mike says: Re the comments about “A” intro, there is no point in providing this until we get more support from Plus dancers, and some of those dancers who are looking to progress above Plus.

Excellent week, hope it continues. More advertising in Europe would be useful.
Thanks, please read comment above.

Would suggest a return to an 8pm start which would be more convenient for the dancers who have an early evening meal in the local restaurants. Marion Jeffery
Agreed, please read comment above.

It was wonderful, everything! Anne & Jürgen, Germany
Thanks Anne and Jurgen, glad you enjoyed it. Please encourage others.

We have enjoyed your company again this year. Please come back again. Site staff
Thanks site staff, we couldn’t do it without your cooperation.

Thanks for your warm welcome. All the levels were excellent. Anke & Andreas
Thanks Anke and Andreas, glad you enjoyed it, please come again with friends

Thank you, Bronc, for giving us newer “A” dancers such a positive experience. The teaching & dancing has been lucid & fun. The explanations have made perfect sense (at the time!) and have contributed immensely to our enjoyment of the “A” programme.
Thanks, anon.

Thank you, Teresa & Paul, for the Rounds. We’ve loved the variety of music chosen plus the choice of contrasting rhythms. The attention to detail – particularly in the Waltz Workshop, was really useful and hopefully (!) we will be able to remember some of it! As ever, the dancing sessions have been loads of fun as well as being packed full of teaching material. Liz & Geoff (who says he agrees!!)
Thanks Liz and Geoff. Teresa and Paul will appreciate your comments.

Can we get more people to bring their Club banners next year? Jane M.
Everybody is entitled to bring their club banners if they wish.

Thank you once more to all the hard working organisers of this event. We agree with Liz and Geoff and look forward to next year’s Round Dance programme, with more fun and friendship. Thanks to Teresa & Paul, excellent teaching, great variety of rhythms and such fun times. W&R
Thanks W&R. The organisers really appreciate the comment. T & P will be pleased.

This is our first visit. We enjoyed the Rounds Workshops and dances very much. Teresa & Paul are a joy. Pity there were so few of us. Sue & Roger
Thanks Sue & Roger. Teresa and Paul will appreciate the comment.


Comment Book from 2013   Comment Book from 2012   Comment Book from 2011  

Event operated under the aegis of Soles and Heels SDC, Northampton

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